Celebrating International Chardonnay Day: A Toast to Driftwood Winery's Award-Winning Single Site Chardonnay

Today at Driftwood Estate we raise a glass of our award-winning 2021 Single Site Chardonnay, in celebration of the queen of white grapes. 

And what better way to commemorate this 2023 International Chardonnay Day than by delving into the extraordinary flavours, craftsmanship, and award-winning excellence behind Driftwood Winery's captivating Single Site Chardonnay from the stunning Margaret River region.

The Essence of Chardonnay: Originating from the Burgundy region of France, Chardonay has flourished in vineyards across the globe, including our own in Margaret River. Our Single Site Chardonnay is a Gingin clone grown and processed on Driftwood's Margaret River vineyard (blocks 21 and 20). This wine stands as a testament to the winery's unwavering commitment to excellence, capturing the essence of the terroir and showcasing the distinct characteristics of the site.

Tasting Notes: Pour yourself a glass of Driftwood Winery's 2021 Single Site Chardonnay and prepare to embark on a sensory journey. On the nose, expect an enticing bouquet of fresh citrus, white peach, vanilla pod, cashew nuts and honeycomb pastries.

As the wine caresses your palate, you'll be greeted with a harmonious blend of luscious stone fruits, vibrant acidity, and a subtle hint of oak. The creamy texture and elegant minerality lead to a lingering, satisfying finish that leaves a lasting impression.


View the Full description including the Winemaking process and Vintage notes here.

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driftwood winery margaret river

driftwood winery margaret river